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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Amy Boelter

That collection is soo cool! I just love it. The ones that still have pills in them are really cool! Amy


These put a huge smile on my face. I love the old labels, they're so serious. The label on that old Lazell's bottle is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection


what a wonderful collection. interesting about the ridges in the bottle.


I love the bottle that says it's for "all women diseases". I suppose they mean that time of the month stuff.


That is a fun collection. I remember BurmaShave signs, but I never actually saw the product.


You definitely have a collection of great drug or medical items. They made a lot of bottles in blue years ago. You have some real keepers in these treasures.


what a great collection! I have some eye glasses, I remember my mom explaining the purpose to me


These are such fun, thanks so much for sharing your collection with us!

Happy VTT,

Amanda @ House Revivals

These bottles are treasures! I really enjoyed trying to read the labels. If only life were that easy, and we could just take a pill for all of life's aliments!


I am drawn to those items as well ~ have a few myself. The blue bottle w/o the label is an old perfume bottle ~ An Evening in Paris ~ I think it is called (have a few of those too!)
Thanks for sharing!


Any of the old labels are too neat. You have a fantastic collection.
Happy VTT

Mindy B.

Hi Anna,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments. I loved the patterns too! I love anything from the 30's-40's-50's. Your collection of vintage toiletries and medicine cabinet treasures is wonderful!


Interesting collection. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to stop in for my giveaway~

sweet european dreams

love this collection! I never see toiletries around here, and I look everywhere! Love the info on the "ridges" on bottles - totally makes sense! Thanks for stopping by my page today. -diane


I am partial to blue glass too! You have a wonderful collection, I so enjoyed seeing these. Happy VTT!


Love that you showed how you display all your great goodies. HVTT! Debbie


Neat collection! But, oh my gosh, that old straight razor brings back some bad memories of my mom's old razor like that that I used when I first started shaving my legs. I have a lovely inch-and-a-half long scar on my shin from that monster. Pretty to look at, but thank goodness for modern conveniences!


Anna, i collect old medicine bottles too..aren't they fabulous?! i love how you've got them displayed on your sweet little shelf :)x

Diann @ The thrifty Groove

Wow, your collection is awesome! I had never seen the eye cups before!


Your bottles are wonderful!!!! I also have a collection of vintage bottles-but none the same as yours. I think this is one of my all-time favorite posts-so interesting! What are eye bottles?


Beautiful collection of glass. Love the bottles, which I am trying to find some old clear glass bottles and not having much luck. Came across one in a thrift store and washed it and then saw the Made in China label that was hidden by the store $ sticker!

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