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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



GLAD to see someone else scraps the way I do!! I vowed yesterday to clear everything red and pink OFF my table.. I almost did it!! will work again today to try to clean some of the mess.. LOVE your work, thanks for sharing..


My workdesk often looks very similar to yours - I haven't shown a view from far away only the top perhaps one day I will dare to show a larger picture. Thanks for sharing your space


Cindy Adkins

Hi Anna,
SO nice to meet you--I can't even SEE my workdesk (which is my kitchen table...lol)!
Sending hugs your way,

amy boelter

I just cleaned up and rearranged my craft room!! What a great feeling! Im going to post on my blog about it, so check it out! Good luck and happy cleaning/rearranging.

Jude Armstrong

Oh My what a creative messy desk this week.Your not alone mine was just the same last week.But had to be ruthless and cleared out the hole of my craftroom and today it has new stroage and i can see my desk!Good luck with the tidy up i shall send the WOYWW Elves to you to help with the tidy!lol
hugs have fab woyww.
hugs judex

Brenda B

Ooh er missus, don't know quite what to say about that! Is there any particular reason why you have a pasta maker on your desk??


I usually scrap in a 12x12 area! If I have more room I just move more stuff to fill the space. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #30

Susan Moloney

Hi Anna,
Don't stress about the mess...I call it creativity! I have 3 cards on the go all for my niece who is 12 tomorrow! Maybe I should get to it as we are going out for her birthday tonight!
Susan xxox #13

Sue from Oregon

Nope...would not faint at all LOL...why do you think I showed my cutting station and not my work desk this week LOL! I am slowly inburying everything!


Looks happening on your desk - hope you find some time to craft thanks for sharing ~ Nicky no.6


Excellent! somebody whose desk looks like mine ;D

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