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Friday, June 18, 2010



I love your space. You have everything so organized and so put together. It really is wonderful. Your dog is so adorable. You have lots of treasures to work with too.. Thanks for sharing and had a lovely weekend. Enjoy!



Thanks for dropping by Calico Petals.
You have some wonderful collections.
I'm especially fond of the embroidery trims.
The old photographs are great!
Thanks for the tour.


Wow..What a super-wonderful.. inspiring and magical post..I enjoyed reading your story! your space is amazing and charming and full of beauty! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your creative spirit!
Kiki, Heart of a Wizardess

zandra cudney

What a lovely creative space. Love your sewing pattern flower. I'm sure if you went on utube you could get the instructions on how to. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.


Wonderful studio. You've done a lot with it. Let the creative juices flow! Have a great weekend and thx for sharing.

Karen Valentine

Thank you so for joining the party! I really enjoyed the tour. I'm sure you love being in there, especially when DJ joins you!
My Desert Cottage

Julia Smith

*waving hi from Nova Scotia - just a hop, skip and a jump away from PEI*

I LOVE the story of your blog and I clicked on the link to your pictures of Cottage 6. Thanks for the pink lemonade at the beginning of the tour, by the way. Really enjoyed hanging out in your creative space - thanks!

marcia @child in harmony

I love your studio! And I love the old furniture pieces that you use for storage AND all the wonderful vintage family pictures!

We used to have a Basenji growing up...ahhh memories.

happy day and thanks for visiting


Hi ~ So fun to come by for a visit in your lovely space!... storage is so important for all our supplies, and being organized is so helpful. You have a well-organized space, isn't it great to know where everything is?!? I too love to have my flea-market treasures all about. And what a cute dog! Thanks for coming by my party! (it's not gonna be this clean for long!!!)
~ Violet


How sweet to have your precious little canine pal keep you company as you create! Thanks for the tour!

Chris Anderson

Great space to create in! Love all your vintage treasures!
Best wishes,


Your studio is a charming work in progress. I think the new wall color will be great and show off your wood furniture wonderfully.
Love the story of how you named your blog and also your vintage treasures.
Have a great weekend


Your crafting space is great. I love the cabinet with the glass doors, I have something similar in my space-so useful. Thanks for the tour!


I love your space - the cabinet with the glass doors is lovely. Your doggie is so adorable. I agree - if you put it out to the universe it will show up somehow and you will have that wicker chair.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

I adore all of your storage solutions.

Romeo and "her"

Thank you so much for being a great hostess while visiting your studio!!! Loved your use of different storage boxes to totally organize your rubber stamp collection, as well as the stickles and stamp pads!!!

And you have scored some great working pieces and some for FREE!!!! Can't beat that!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!! I enjoyed my visit!

Romeo and "her"


Oh what a wonderful space you have here. I love your desk that houses your Christmas Cards! Your laces and dollies... could just live right there with them. I love lace and trims so to see them makes my heart skip to a happy beat! My desk is never cleaned...so I feel you on that one...smiles.
BTW...thanks for your comment on my Studio too! Smiles again...Lovey


Such innovative ways to save space...just beautiful....thanks for stopping by my little world as well....
gypsy hugs

Live a Colorful Life

It is so much fun peering into spaces where people create things. Thanks for sharing yours!

donna joy

great space! love seeing all the storage ideas/furniture/"stuff" everyone has~

Terri G.

Great stuff to create anything you wish and the creative space to do it...thanks for sharing your wonderful space.

Geralyn Gray

How nice to have your own room to do all of that creating.....I loved the flocked paper!


Your space is beautiful, and functional, too! I love the furniture pieces you chose.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Your cabinet is an awesome storage solution, and the other furniture you have chosen all store so much. You are really a master at storage with some pretty remarkable furniture, too. Thanks for sharing your well organized and beautifully appointed studio.

Julie Marie

Hello Anna, your creative space is wonderful... I love all of your woods in their original state, not all painted white... white is lovely, but I like to keep my old woods the same as well... DJ is adorable! Your ribbons look so pretty hanging, and all of your little added touches, vintages photos, etc. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Julie Marie

Lynette Killam

You have a lovely crafting space. I think I best like all the extra vintage touches..your old photos..the lace doilies..and of course, your grandfather's roll-top desk is amazing! I have few material things linking my childhood in Ireland to my life now, and just love the sense of continuity you have in your space.

Thank you for sharing, and I'm so pleased you stopped by my little studio. I musn't forget to say how adorable DJ is! I always have my best doggie friend along with me wherever I go.


Debby Harreittha

I have enjoyed my visit, you are so organized. I really like your cabinet and your dog is beautiful, such pretty eyes. Thanks for sharing with us.


Nicely done and nicely organized. You've done a great job on your studio. I love that you have so many things important to you incorporated.


I love your space. Love the desk that belonged to your grandfather.


I love your CrEaTiVe space! You're very organized and I'm not, but since this party, I've been totally inspired, so next year I can hardly wait to be a part of all this fun. I'm sorry to hear about the water damage, but once the room is painted it will feel like a new space to you I'm sure! Thanks so much for sharing, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs!


I had the chai tea my fav and enjoyed walking around your craft room. it so cute. thank you fro sharing it with me if you get time pop over to see me . I have the kettle on. Hugs ~Wendy @ Blissangels


What a beautiful space. Love the old photos on the sill!

luvs and glitter

Mary ~ IsabellasCloset

Anna, I LOVE your room! The rosette is adorable.. How neat everything is! What a fun place to create in.
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}


You have a wonderful creative space! I love your storage ideas and you are so fortunate to have so many vintage photos of your family. Thanks for sharing.


your space is fab with so many lovely things...love the dog and paper pattern rosette esp.....thanks for calling over to me...and happy stamping!!! xx

Leah C

Don't you just love having a room all to yourself...for creating & pursuing your hobby?! I know I do:) Love your space; and thank you for visiting mine!

Art of Stuff by Queen of Dreamsz

Tell me about paper collecting! I adore old books, sheet music, dictionaries..just anything that's paper! Thanks so much for sharing your studio. I really enjoyed looking at everything.

I'd love for you to come stroll through my studio..it's been a long process but it's all finally finished!

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥


Love your space. Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving such sweet comments. You have so many wonderful elements to your room...and your drawers are filled with so many wonderful things! LOVE that rosette too!

Karla Nathan

I do the same with furniture, I find big bargains or free stuff, its the only way to go!

Good choice on the paint color.


love all the fun supplies you have! want to come over and create now!
xo natalea

La Maison Reid

You're so lucky to have a designated place to do your crafting. I do mine all over the house! I must get back into paper crafting...too many crafts, too little time. :)

dreaming of a country home

What a lovely craft room!
I like the fact that you didn`t paint some of the old furniture.
I think it gives it a old charm... which I love!



Hi Anna! Thanks for stopping by! I just love your space. I am so impressed with how organized everything is. You have so much here to work with and I love how everything is easily visible. That really helps with keeping me inspired. I am sure I will check back here often to see how to organize certain things.

Halle G

You have a wonderful space. I love that you've surrounded yourself with vintage family photos. You dog is too cute as well!


I'm loving your space...I'm lucky too that I can dedicate a whole room for my "craft". It was fun seeing how everyone stores their various bits and pieces! So creative....thanks for visiting me also!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Great storage ideas and I love your glass front cabinet! I'm helping a client and one of the areas we will be dealing with {at some point} is her finished basement. She has a cabinet like this and I'd like to incorporate it into her creative space. Thank you for the inspiration! Thanks for visiting me, too! : )


Hi Anna,
your studio has so much great storage in it and I am loving all the great pieces you use. I also adore the fact that you have so many personal family photos in the space!


Great use of space and I love how you handled your ribbon, looks quite handy and space saving. Love the rolls of paper in the basket. Thanks for sharing. XOXO


Hi Anna,

What a lovely space you have. I love the pattern paper flower- I've never seen one before. Thank you for sharing.



what a nice neat well organized space. i love your rosette from a sewing pattern paper and all your laces so wonderful. Thanks for the tour and have a beautiful day. Angela

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