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Friday, March 11, 2011


Christine H.

Great photos - both of them! although I'm no car expert, I would tend to vote for these being two different cars. I hope a car expert will come along and enlighten us.

Brett Payne

Nice photos Anna - thanks for posting them. They look like the same car to me. If you are indeed interested in finding out the make, model, and perhaps even year of the vehicle that appears in your photograph, you can do no better than submit it to the help section of the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society's web site http://www.svvs.org/. They are very keen, extremely knowledgeable, and have kindly ID'd motor cars in several of my photographs.


Both of these photos are wonderful, what a gorgeous car. I hope that someone will be able to tell you the car.

Bob Scotney

Great car. Brett's link is the one I would try. The radiator emblem is possibly what will identify it. Let us know if you find out.

barbara finwall

A very interesting and elegant looking car.
Welcome to the "club".


Fantastic pictures. The car is great and what a house! Reminds me of Italy but I presume it is in Quebec.


Welcome to Sepia Saturday. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog! I love these old time photos you have here. That car does look the same as the first photo.


Thanks for your visit, Anna - Jinksy here! That car is certainly a wow, even though I have no idea what make it is. Lucky you to have so many photos. Both my Grandfatheres were dead long before I was born, and certainly never had any such treasures to hand down to their families. Full marks for yur patience in scanning them all...


That long string of numbers actually is me,Jinksy, at Napple NOtes http://havantaclue.blogspot.com/ , if you're wondering or HERE


Nope- the link I put in didn't work - so here's the other URL http://pens-poems.blogspot.com/

Alan Burnett

Great to have you with us Anna : I look forward to seeing more from the collection of your grandfathers' photographs. There is something so special about images from that era, they say so much and tell us so many things about a way of life that is long gone. Thanks for joining in Sepia Saturday.

Jo Graham

I can't help with the car, but the webmaster at this site helped me ID a Galloway tourer - "a car built in Scotland for ladies by ladies" when I blogged about it. You will enjoy Sepia Saturday :-) Jo


It might help to scan the hood ornament and the area around it at a higher resolution and then lighten up the area a bit.

Tattered and Lost

That is an interesting building. I'm wondering if the roof was slate or metal.

Really like your photo header.

Peggy Jones

Welcome Anna to SS. You are going to be giving us some great photos and stores with your great collection of photos. That car looks the same, but I have no idea either. Cars are not one of my history stashes. Great job.

nancy javier

I love that car. I too think it's the same car in both photos.


welcome to sepia saturday!! you should have fun sharing and finding out about other stuff. it's a great bunch.
thanx 2 Alan and Kat for making this possible.
you've got some great pics here, and even if they remain a mystery, they're worth keeping. the house on the left is so typical of the townships. and the car is such a beauty. thanx 4 joining!!

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