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Saturday, April 02, 2011



Those are great photos of the vintage workers, and your collage does a good job of tying them together and putting them in a context.


I didn't know women worked in the mines either. interesting.


Really great photos! And I love the artwork you created there...so very nice!

Nancy javier

That's a fantastic collage you created from these great photos.
Ladies of the grove

Peggy Jones

That is quite a vintage keepsake, the time sheet. A great post for SS. I found it very interesting. Didn't know about the women, either.

Christine H.

Great photos and very interesting post. I had no idea women worked at the mines too. The job of crusher and bagger does not sound easy! Any sort of mine work seems like a huge sacrifice, risking life and limb to support a family. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Bob Scotney

Asbestos mining sounds a hazardous business. The machine shop is full of hazards too. Great photos.

Alan Burnett

Great post, thanks Anna. You did really well getting family photographs of the workplace - these tend to be so rare, I suppose in those early years, photographs were things that were taken at good times, on high days and holidays, times to remember - and few wanted reminding of their daily toil.


Stunning pictures

tattered and lost

Very nicely done card.

And the first photo is quite fascinating. I guess I never really knew asbestos was mined. It was just something that was "there" all the time. I never thought about where it came from. --tattered and lost


to think that later on, it was discovered that asbestos was harmful... pity for all of those workers thus exposed.


You can hear the clatter and sense the dust in your photos...


I love seeing old photo's-especially with so much history!

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